Autobiography of a Yogi (2)

The book is turning awesome. The author is extremely intelligent and earnest. This is truly a jewel. I am at page 57 now. It is time I read such a book. I normally don’t read books nowadays but this is a book I am interested in.

A Few Days of Many Things

Sometimes days pass where many things happen, many thoughts and emotions occur and you can’t just categorize them into anything specific. I will write what now flows out of me about these last few days. What I remember is, my being vegan and the concern of...

Autobiography of a Yogi

I started the book, read 7 pages. It is amazing. I am at an Internet Cafe now and it is getting late. I will continue some more. Checked the picture of Lahiri Mahasaya. Also Yogananda looks very strong in one picture. I am losing focus. Let me continue.