Translation Services Between English and Turkish

Welcome to my translation services page. This page contains information about my translation services, samples of my work, client testimonials and a form to submit projects for translation, make price and other inquiries and establish contact with me. Please choose the corresponding tab to view the information or to send a translation services inquiry/request to me.
High Quality/Service Focused Work, Reasonable Time Frame, Fair Pricing/Flexible Payment Options


  • Genuine expertise in English, in most cases indistinguishable from native level.
  • High quality translations that bring the original intended meaning into the target language that is based on real wisdom from life experience and real skill with decades of language experience.
  • Give your project to me only if you value the quality of your work and the service you will deliver to humanity over the money you will earn from it. I don’t hurry projects, I finish them with the desire to create a truly beneficial work for my client, humanity and myself. I don’t work full time as a professional translator, so the projects may take longer than the work of a full time translator. If quality is heavily your concern and you are OK with a reasonable project duration, I am your type of translator.
  • Fair pricing mutually agreed after I examine the material you submit before starting the project. I can provide a free sample page of translation if you have a long project so that you can assess the quality of my work.
  • Cash based, Royalty based, or a combination of cash and royalty based payments are possible for book translations. If you feel translating your book will be an important service to humanity, I would like to see your book and help you if it resonates with me.
I am an expert level translator who does translations between English and Turkish. My native language is Turkish but I am also an online writer in English, publishing all my writings from this multilingual website. I have more than 25 years experience with the English language and have an almost native level of skill with English. My writings are usually indistinguishable from those of a native level writer.

Translating between English and Turkish is a very natural task for me, and I usually do it fluently if the material is not uncommonly obscure. I don’t do translations full time because I am currently working mainly on creating original content in both of these languages and also have other interests, but when I do, it is my intention to create high quality work that serves my clients and their readers best. Native speakers of English have commented on my translation work to be perfect on some occasions. I think I owe this to my using English bilingually as part of my lifestyle, interests and work that I have completed since late childhood, for over 25 years.

Below are testimonials from my clients from Upwork, also viewable from this external link.

If you wish to submit material to be translated and get a price quote from me, please use the form below to submit your project material and your contact information so that I can send you the price quote and estimated completion time for the project. All material that you submit will be kept strictly confidential; I request the material beforehand to accurately assess it and give a fair price quote and accurate estimation for delivery date. I don’t translate offensive or potentially harmful materials. I respond to inquiries within 72 hours, but I usually don’t undertake rushed, urgent projects, unless it is for an extremely important cause. If it is not extremely important, please ask the services of another translator for such projects.


Royalty OnlyCash and RoyaltyCash

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